Other Research Areas

Internet Technologies

Back in 2004 we achieved 78.4 Mbps on a single standard wired pair while top commercial T1 connections were only achieving a maximum of 10-11 Mbps.

GPR Technologies

Field radar can penetrate 5-10km, producing 3-D images of geographical deposits. Applications include geological, treasure hunting and mine sweeping, to name a few.

Oil & Gas Refinement

Work was achieved for applications in the Oil & Gas Industry. We were able to extract impurities from Yellow & Brown Grease in preparation for High Grade BioDiesel at rate of flow. Efficiency was increased by 40% while costs were reduced by 20%.

Water Purification

Utilizing a similar principle as applied in our Oil & Gas Impurities extraction our water process can remove density as high as 200,000ppm and turn it into potable water again at rate of flow.


Level 1 Robotics

Level 1 Robotics

Level One Robotics and Controls, Inc. is an engineering service provider specialized in automation process and assembly for OEM's, Tier 1 automotive suppliers as well as our end users. Our services range from project management to design, integration, debug and training services.

Level One Robotics and Controls, Inc. originated in Canada in year 2000. Initially, our services were offered to local system integrators and machine builders; however the North American market demanded a presence in the U.S. In 2006, Level One established an office in metro Detroit. Our existance in Canada, as well as Michigan, lent our services unilaterally across international borders.

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