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Our Vision

To design and develop next generation energy related products. The Companies primary objective is to be a leader of change in the global energy sector.

QSpace Research technologies address today’s global energy and economic issues including global warming; carbon emissions; and dependency on foreign energy resources.

About Us

The demand for commercial and consumer energy will continue to grow exponentially for no less than the next 10 years. Mankind is in a race to deploy new, more efficient energy technologies before finite resources are depleted or are under financial market stresses. This will require the utilization of new innovative, environmentally friendly solutions. QSpace Research believes that with our proprietary technological advances in solar energy, we can play a significant part in providing energy alternatives that will end dependence on fossil fuels, not only in North America, but worldwide.

QSpace Research Directors and Management team includes experienced business leaders and scientists with competencies aligned with The Company’s core business:

Research and development to commercialization
of innovative energy technologies.

The core team has taken the Company from concept to pre-commercialization. The organization will be further expanded to exploit the company’s research and development capabilities to accelerate the development of new products.

QSpace Company Overview

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QSpace Research
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