New Wind Generator Technology

New Wind Generator Technology

Key Points of Our New Wind Generator Technology

While the complete technical aspects of this wind generator (rooftop design) may seem complex, and the engineering and levels of automation integrated into the technology may also seem complex. The basic technology simply utilizes wind force in a much more efficient manner than conventional systems producing higher output levels.

For the purposes of a general understanding, we have presented the key points of this technology (with comparative points) in a simple bullet format for easier understanding as follows:

  • Conventional wind generators generally utilize direct drive configurations which limits energy transfer from the blade configuration to the shaft depending on the wind speed. Our wind generator designs utilize wind force more efficiently.

  • Consider that most conventional direct drive rooftop designs in low wind speeds (15 – 20KPH) generate about 500 watts of power and at high wind speeds (60 – 80KPH) generate up to 3000 watts (3KW) of power in a 2 metre blade configuration. In our designs the obtainable energy goes up dramatically. While in any mechanical system there are losses in energy transfer, our design will minimize those losses. Thus, compared to a conventional system, the relative power output will be increased by a significant factor.

New Wind Generator Technology

  • In general our designs will generate 5 – 10 times the power output of conventional direct drive designs.

  • Our designs in vertical axis will generate between 2.0KW and 19.5KW depending on wind speed.

  • Current conventional rooftop models in the 2KW – 3KW range for maximum output have a cost of about $5,000.00 – $7,000.00. Installed cost is usually about $10,000.00. Due to the precision engineering and two (2) stage design our cost will be about $9,000.00 which will produce 15 – 20KW output power. Thus for approximately 1.5 times cost, the output power will be 5 – 10 times that of conventional systems. Thus the cost per watt is much less and ROI to end user is much more attractive.

  • These then are some of the key and critical points when reviewing the advantages that our designs bring to the rooftop wind generator market in general.

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